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File maintenance is integral to the continued success of a product, as well as its evolution. Edbentor's Document Control Department handles all file requirements to ensure that documentation remain current for all parts related to a product. Consequently, we prevent costly errors in the ordering and manufacturing processes.

Edbentor adheres to strict standards for maintaining the following files:

Mechanical Drawings
The CAD files provide precise detail for the fabrication process. The drawings show part dimensions and outline instructions such as material type, material finish, hardware installation, paint specifications, etc. In addition, mechanical drawing files in CAD can easily be converted to compatible file formats for CNC machines.

Bill of Materials
The Bill of Materials is the product's parts list. It contains an itemized description of every part that goes into a product. The list includes items such as software, hard drives, motherboard, sheet metal, screws, etc. The Bill of Materials also explains such details as part type, part quantity, part assembly and all other references required to complete the product.

Source Control Drawings
Source Control Drawings are important to our Purchasing Department because they provide updated information for each part in a product. The document lists the description of the part, the part's manufacturer, vendors associated with the part, the part numbers of the manufacturer and the vendor, and price of each part. Updated Source Control Drawings enable us to give our client options to reduce their product's costs by providing alternatives.

Assembly Instructions
For some products, our engineering department provides assembly instructions for product ease of assembly. These drawing documents show detailed commands such as chassis construction, removal and replacement of hard drives, installment of additional cards, replacement of air filters, etc.

Edbentor also has an Engineering Change Notice process implemented to document all changes to a product and its related parts. When changes are necessary to an existing part or product, we prepare the appropriate forms and receive authorization from the client before applying the required changes. Every step in the process is documented and maintained in our Document Control Department for future reference.

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