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Using the latest technology and machinery available, Edbentor’s manufacturing facility is capable of fabricating accurate parts regardless of volume. We are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the manufacturing process. Mechanical drawings of each part require engineering approval prior to being released to the production floor. All parts are strategically programmed to precise specification. Our programmers utilize the latest software that link directly to the CNC machines. This ensures a smooth transition between processes to minimize possible errors, as well as fabrication time. Our machine operators have valuable experience fabricating and forming parts of all shapes and sizes. Machines are routinely maintained to maximize quality and production. Qualified operators are capable of installing all hardware requirements using proper tooling and equipment. Each manufactured part is carefully analyzed and inspected for accuracy.

At Edbentor, we know that the products we produce reflect our company long after it has left our facility. Our reputation accompanies every single item that we ship to our customers. The strict guidelines implemented by our Quality Assurance policy gives us the confidence to assure our clients that every product they receive is of exceptional quality.

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